Let’s go West to Welschland

Delicacies from the Welschland – Friday, 9th November 2018, 7 pm

The ‘Welschland’ is the French Part of Switzerland and this region has far more to offer than the breathtaking ‘Lavaux’ and mesmerizing music festivals.

SlowFood Scout Alessandra Roversi will be introducing products, recipes, specialities and their backgrounds and brings along a huge basket full of delicacies. Chef Schürmann will be working in the kitchen and creating a 5 course dinner for us. – Let’s discover ‘Les Welsches’ avec Alessandra! In German très charmant (and English if you ask her).

Dinner in five courses with pairing wines on one long table 
CHF 175  / Person (incl. Water, Wine and Coffee) 

N.B.: Bring your shopping basket! Products will be to purchase.