We celebrate every day – until end of June

Until the end of June 2019 you can continue to enjoy our tasting menu made of local quality produce, the spacious guest room and the special atmosphere of Bonvivant.

We are still open until the end of June 2019 which allows you a little more time to come and experience the Bonvivant and its cultural uniqueness in Basel, Switzerland. We do have a couple of amazing events in our pockets, so do not miss to sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know.

We look forward hosting and indulging you with every trick in and some outside of the cook book.

Remodeled the refined cuisine

In July 2006, over 12 years ago, we created Bonvivant, a brand new gastronomic concept in an unique setting.

Built out of our passion, heart and soul, we broke new ground by offering a fixed menu sourced from local ingredients. A new and truly sustainable cuisine.

Over the past 600 weeks, chef Schürmann created more than 6000 individual menus which we lovingly shared with thousands of welcome guests, who came from as near as the Gundeli‘ and as far as New York.

Many of those guests became regulars as they discussed projects, welcomed new staff members and celebrated farewells with others at our tables. Big steps and successes were celebrated, small ones too. Birthdays, anniversaries and many other celebrations that we didn’t even realise.

Twelve, actually it will be thirteen rich years this summer, where we experienced so much joy and happiness, is a significant period in our present, fast times and for which we are very grateful but the time has come for us make a change.

After so many long days and such a wonderfully intense time, we feel the urge and potential to take on fresh projects and challenges. Our new and as yet, confidential plans require our full focus, a focus that we cannot maintain alongside running a restaurant, especially where it would be contrary to our aim of perfection and so we have decided to close the doors of Bonvivant this summer.

We have breathed culinary life into this former silk ribbon factory which has become a highly successful combination of gastronomic delights and modern design. It is our hope that we can find someone who can continue this notion of refined cuisine and gastronomy and that this scent of deliciousness will never fade. We welcome serious offers from interested parties.

Delicious regards,
Chef Schürmann & Petra von Gunten