Start a Corporate Dinner with an Aperitif

To start in an informal and relaxed way, a standing aperitif is best. Your guests can come together in a different setting easily.

A gathering is an art – BONVIVANT is the perfect setting for it.

Our staff makes sure, everybody is welcomed, we will take care of their coats and will serve a glass of wine or champagne at the right temperature.

We leave it to you to introduce the guests to each other, hold speeches and to lead the conversations in the way you want this event to be.

Tips & Tricks:
Speeches are by the way perfect to be hold during a standing aperitif or if later, once everybody is seated – but only when the guests have the first wine in their glass. That makes it easier to clink glasses!

Perfect moments for a speech are:
during an aperitif / once seated / after the main course / after the dessert.
Speeches are inappropriate during the courses or when the kitchen is ready to serve. Let the guests eat their dishes while their warm. They will thank you for it.